First brick - H&H Pte, Ltd. was established with the main purposes of trading, specializing in the distribution of puzzles for the development of children's intelligence and entertainment.


Strategy - Quickly grasp the opportunity to be in line with the development of the market, H&H Pte, Ltd. transformed its business model into producing plastic packaging products for the food processing industry under new name H&H Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. Total capacity of 19 million products a year.


H&H Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd officially renamed to Sun Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. focusing on the field of plastic packaging lifting total capacity to 80 million products a year.


Milestone - Expand the market to Europe: Ukraine, Australia, Bulgaria... To invest more production lines to increase the total production to 170 million products a year.


Environmental protection is always of constant attention, we have boldly invested in modern machinery and technology production of PE coated paper packaging.


Breakthrough - Expanding the existing infrastructure with double the existing capacity, investing in more advanced technology, focusing on new product design as well as investing in product quality management.


A promising year to achieve ISO certification, the company's next target is to increase its total production to 400 million units a year.

Your Success, Our Mission!